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4 Aug 2015


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Troubled by conversation with best friend and life’s partner. She was hesitant to tell me she was pulled over by the police a few days ago. Nothing happened but she said she felt scared of the officer as he pulled her over. We have special needs kids and we don’t know what individual officers are capable of.

I’ve been up most of the night thinking about this. What can I do to protect my family from someone who is suppose to protect and serve? It’s not about the bad, sometimes, criminal, act of one peace officer, but a system which protects the action of those officers who instill fear and terror into the community.

I spent my diversity professional life overcoming my prejudice about cops but the emotional scars left by Worthington cops who intimidated me and terrorized my community during my high school years still remain. It’s been over 20 years but every time I return to Worthington and I see a police car, I wonder if he/she is going to pull me over for a DWA – Driving While Asian.

I’m done designing a culture competency training for police officer in cultural conflict management but I feel uneasy about delivering it. I know there are many great, professional officers who do their best to truly protect and serve. And my workshop would provide them tools for their tool belt. But I also know that training isn’t enough…

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