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The Team

When see ourselves in those most unlike us, we draw upon each others fullest potential...

Penh Lo - Lead Consultant & Trainer

Along with thousands of other TaiDam refugees, Penh’s family fled Laos into Nong Kai refugee camp in Thailand. His family settled in IA in 1979 and eventually moved to Worthington, MN. Penh is a 1st generation graduate from Minnesota State University, Mankato. He has over 15 years of experience working in higher education, non-profit, International NGO and government in the field of diversity, equity & multicultural services. He worked at the University of MN- Twin Cities Campus, Minnesota State University, Mankato and Augsburg College and served at the Diversity & Inclusion Manager for Hennepin County. Penh has extensive international travel and work experience in intercultural communication, relations, intercultural competency and cross-cultural conflict mitigation. In 2010, he established Global Connections Project, a non-profit cultural immersion program working with impoverish children and families in rural Cambodia. Penh has worked with non-profits, government organizations, private business, and international NGO in developing strategic & action planning, intercultural capacity, inclusion, equity & diversity as well as organizational leadership development and change management.

Penh’s hobbies include canoeing, hiking, camping, crossfit, aikido and tae kwon do. In his spare time, Penh also coaches poker specializing in limit holdem and limit mix games.